The time the screen lights is too short.
Yeah,that's a question.We are trying to make screen light longer.We will tell you our progress in later updates.
I scroll my wrist,but the screen is not awake.
Sorry to tell you,you need to turn the screen from verticality to horizon.
Why my device cannot change its exercise mode automatically?
Limited to its hardware,i6pro cannot recognize too many exercise modes.You may try to switch the exercise manually.
why cannot be connected?

  • some android smartphones are trully not supported,such as xiaomi redmi4(although some users tell us redmi4 can pair our smartband,we have accepted plenty of its users' complaints)、some samsung's early smartphones( especially before Galaxy S4).
  • comfirm your device has not been connected to other smartphones,especially other iPhones.If so,please unconnected first.
  • turn off the its screen till the i6pro shake for three times.This operation is to erase the pair information.After that,you can try to pair the i6pro again.(this operation is only for i6pro,other devices have no such operation.)

why no history data?
This function has been added into latest version,please update your app.
Why step data is so biased?
We have done so many tests before,the results proves 5% error,which is allowed in smartband's industry.But in real life,the scene is not as simple as in test.The device monitor your steps by your handshakes.If you shake your hand but not walk or run,the device will also recognize it as walking.That's the reason why sometimes the steps are so biased.To avoid such bias,try not to shake your hand until you walk.
Sometimes there is no sleep data in the app,why?
  • Before you synchronize sleep data,please comfirm the steps in the smartband is 25 at least.If the steps is under 25,there will be no sleep data in your app.
  • Please do not restart your smartband while synchronizing data.If you restart your smartband,your data will be erased,and there will be no data in your app.
the heart rate date is not accurate at all.
According to our analysis,if you wear your smartband too loosely,the data will be far away from your real heart rate data.
When notifications of my smartphone come,the smartband's push service does not work,why?
This usually happens in android devices.To make this function work normally,you need to set your smartphone first.Try the steps as follows.
  • Add iwownfit or zeroner health into white list.
  • If your phones have power-save mode,please get iwownfit or zeroner health out of this mode.
I use iPhone,but sometimes my smartband cannot accept iPhone's notifications.Why?
Sometimes iPhone's notifications cannot send to smartband.That's when iPhone's push service does not work.To make this function work normally,you need to 
  • Cancel the pair between your phone and your band,and then pair again.
  • After your iPhone gives a pair dialog,you need to comfirm and this function will start to work again.
I touch the screen,but it seems not to work.
To awake the smartband,you need long press or slide the screen,instead of touching.
I did not sleep yesterday/I slept late yesterday,but the sleep data is just as usual.
the device tracks your sleep data according to your hand's shake.If your handshakes become small,the device will recognize the time as sleep time.This is why the data is not so accurate.