iWOWNfit,a high-tech company based in the field of smart wearable, is also a focus on personal mobile health and health big data,the company is currently one of the industry leader in the field of smart wearable.


In awe of the industry, to learn from competing products, to honor the industry leader. We are committed to creating a perfect combination of hardware and software, to become the world's most valuable health platform and firs


iWOWNfit means I want to be healthy, and we also convey a healthy lifestyle. iWOWNfit is to help people to regulate their own living habits, to strengthen the exercise, to enjoy a better life!


Currently has more than 80 industry's top talent, 70% for 10 years work experience in the industry, with elite build strong team concept of enterprise talent recruitment and management. The company gradually formed "attitude, reach, efficiency, change" the enterprise culture, to promote the project, engineers as the core of the management system.