IWOWNFIT i5 Plus Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker

Create time:2021-04-28 09:51

IWOWNFIT i5 Plus smart bracelet fitness tracker is the best fitness tracker smart pedometer which manufactured by IWOWN and marketed by MIFUN TECH. This fitness tracker is an adjustable wristband that fits every human even kid’s hands.


IWOWNFIT i5 Plus fitness tracker basically a smart pedometer that tracks your every footstep. It also tracks your distance (starting point to the end). This best fitness tracker is sufficiently smart to calculate the calories you burned through walking, jogging and exercise. Not only this, iWOWN i5 Plus fitness tracker also work as a heart rate monitor. It can collect information about your heart rate through its sensor.



Another smart feature of this fitness tracker is it can manage your sleep. This best fitness tracker can collect your sleep data during sleep like sleeping time, heart rate during sleeping time, even how deep is your sleep.


IWOWNFIT i5 Plus fitness tracker has an smart OLED touch screen display, shows every collected data. It also shows the time notification like call, sms etc. On the other hand it has a silent vibrator that informs you any notification. Not only this, best fitness tracker has some unique function like “Looking for phone” Remote camera control etc.


IWOWNFIT i5 plus Smart fitness tracker has about six or seven days battery life where it takes only 30 minutes to charge battery full. It has an exclusive USB port on the host. So it is easy to charge with computer, laptop and power bank without any other charging components.


The best fitness tracker connectable with a smart phone .It is compatible with Android (should be 4.3 or upper ) and iOS 8 or above. This fitness tracker perfectly works with Bluetooth 4 or upper. IWOWNFIT i5 Plus smart fitness tracker is water resistant for regular use. But it recommended that please take off your fitness tracker when you take your bath and swimming time. Further more IWOWNFIT i5 Plus smart fitness tracker is a well-known fitness tracker which already becomes popular.