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WiFi Smart Scale S1

Automatically track your weight trends


Simply step onto the scale and S1 displays your weight stats on screen and automatically syncs them to the iWOWNfit Pro(Zeroner Health Pro) App so you can track your progress.


WiFi wireless sync not only can update data automatically, but also can help you to monitor your families’ body health data remotely.

Wherever you are, you can know your families health when you open up APP.


Track weight & more in just one step

Adopt BIA bioelectrical impedance measurement, measure 8 pieces of basic body health date

Weight, BMI (body mass index), fat, moisture rate, muscle mass, bone weight, BMR (basal metabolic rate), visceral fat

See your body fat % on the APP

Weight data is not the key,body fat % is an important indicator of whether your weight is really healthy or not.


Know your BMI

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measurement that uses height and weight to help determine if you are at a healthy weight for your age and gender.

S1 calculates it for you based on your weight and profile information and sends the data to the APP.

The accuracy of drinking water can be perceived

In order to ensure the accuracy of data, S1 is equipped with high level of precision G sensor.

On limited room of scale, we adopted more scientific ID design and structure composition. Even drink a cup of water, it would be perceived with advanced algorithms.


Anti slip and anti fall design

A big scale of non-slip mat:increase the contact area with the floor, therefore, friction force is stronger and better grip effect.

Short scale foot design: the distance between the scale and the ground is lower, even if you step on the edge of the scale, you won't fall down


Slim and lightweight, only 1kg

Considering the large scale surface firmly while taking into account the slim and lightweight appearance requirements.

The big scale surface can help you stand more steadily.

Slim and lightweight design is more beautiful.


More comfortable

It is adopted strong and anti-friction material and smooth dull polish surface, which would makes you more comfortable.

If use glass material, it would be a frozen cold touch experience in winter. But the material S1 adopted will help you away from frozen cold measurement experience.


Hidden LED display screen

Hidden LED display screen will indicate when you need it.


S1+iWOWNfit Smart bands, more perfect

The body fat scale can record te change of weight, iWOWNfit smart band can record sports consumption.

Comprehensive input, accurate calculation.


Recognize up to 10 users

Automatically recognize up to 10 family members

iWOWNfit assistant APP, record all the efforts

Use iWOWNift Pro APP ,Watches & wristbands to find features to reach your goals and get a clearer picture of your health.


The appearance and capability both are perfect

Lightweight design, simple appearance

Fillet scale, stainless steel metal motor sheet

Three display units: Jin Kg and pounds


Product specification

Product name: iWOWNfit WIFI body fat scale S1

Dimension: 300*320*28 mm

Power source: 4*AAA

Unit: kg/LB/Jin

Minimum measure weight: >5kg

Measurement range: 5kg~155kg

Usage environment: 0℃~40℃

Storage and transportation requirement: -20℃~40℃